Pollinator Seed




Biscuitroot, Fernleaf,SI 

Blanketflower, Native, SI 

Buckwheat, Snow
Buckwheat, Sulfur

Flax, Blue, Appar, Cert  

Globemallow, Goosberry

Globemallow, Munroe

Globemallow, Scarlet

Lupine, Silky

Lupine, Silvery

Milkweed, Showy
Penstemon, Firecracker
Penstemon, Palmer
Penstemon, Taperleaf, SI
Penstemon, Venustus 

Prairie Coneflower, Stillwater 

Sunflower, Little, SI
Sunshine, Oregon, SI
Western Yarrow,  Palouse, SI
Western Yarrow, Eagle, SI 


Alfalfa, Ladak

Alfalfa, Ranger

Alfalfa, Rugged

Alfalfa, Vernal

Small Burnet, Delar, Cert

Clover, Alsike

Clover, Kenland Red

Clover, Ladino

Clover, Medium Red

Clover, White Dutch


Sainfoin, Eski, Cert

Sainfoin, Shoshone, Cert

Introduced Annuals

Buckwheat, Annual

Clover, Crimson

Flax, Annual

Radish, Daikon

Sunflower, Annual

Turnip, Purple Top

Vetch, Common

Vetch, Hairy

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