Water Less Lawn

Changing the traditional lawn, one blade at a time.

 Water Less Lawn Will:

  • Provide a people friendly lawn that is also earth friendly

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Cost less to maintain

  • Clean ground water

  • Use less water, a precious natural resource


Once established, this mixture of native grasses will provide an environmentally friendly lawn that can be enjoyed for years to come without expensive inputs. 

Water Less Lawn is a mixutre of cool season and warm season grasses that will provide a green hue with approximately 50% less water. 


While it won't look like a golf course, you'll enjoy the unique textures and varied colors that will come with this lawn.  Water Less Lawn will green up quickly in the spring and last well into the fall.  Expect at least one full growing season to reach maturity.


Water Less Lawn is ideal for transition zones between a manicured turf and native or pasture areas.  It will perform best at a mowing height of 6-8 inches.


Water Less Lawn includes the following grasses:

Idaho Fescue, Canby Bluegrass, Prairie Junegrass, Blue Grama, Sodar Wheatgrass.


We recommend seeding at a rate of 5-7 pounds per 1,000 sq. ft.