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Listed below are species of seed we generally have in inventory, feel free to browse for more information and pictures.

Native Grasses Introduced Grasses
Bottlebrush Squirreltail, VNS
Bluegrass, Canby, Cert
Bluegrass, Sherman Big, Cert
Brome, California
Brome, Mountain, Garnet, S.G.
Fescue, Native Red, Molate
Fescue, Idaho, Nezpurs, Cert
Fescue, Idaho, Joseph, Cert
Fescue, Idaho, Winchester, SI
Hairgrass, Tufted
Indian Ricegrass, Nezpar, Cert
Indian Ricegrass, Rimrock
Junegrass, Prairie
Bluebunch, Wheatgrass, Anatone, SG
Bluebunch, Wheatgrass, Columbia, SI
Bluebunch, Wheatgrass, Goldar, Cert
Bluebunch, Beardless, Whitmar, Cert
Slender Wheatgrass, Pryor, Cert
Slender Wheatgrass, FirstStrike, Cert
Snake River Wheatgrass, Discovery, Cert
Snake River Wheatgrass, Secar, Cert
Streambank, Wheatgrass, Sodar, Cert
Thickspike, Wheatgrass, Bannock, Cert
Thickspike, Wheatgrass, Bannock II, Cert
Thickspike Wheatgrass, Critana, Cert
Western Wheatgrass, Arriba, Cert
Western Wheatgrass, Recovery, Cert
Western Wheatgrass, Rosana, Cert
Basin Wildrye, Magnar, Cert
Basin Wildrye, Trailhtead
Blue Wildrye, Elkton, Cert
Blue Wildrye, Latah, SI
Bentgrass, Redtop
Canada Bluegrass, Canon, Cert
Kentucky Bluegrass, Famous, Cert
Kentucky Bluegrass, Kenai, New
Kentucky Bluegrass, Rockstar
Kentucky Bluegrass, Shamrock
Kentucky Bluegrass, VNS
Kentucky Bluegrass, Wildhorse
Meadow Brome, Cache, Cert
Meadow Brome, Paddock
Smooth Brome, Manchar, Cert
Smooth Brome, Bedrock, New
Blue Fescue, Whisper
Chewings Fescue, Ambassador
Chewings Fescue, Seducer
Chewings Fescue, VNS
Creeping Red Fescue
Hard Fescue, Durar, Cert
Hard Fescue, Turf Type
Sheep Fescue, Paradise
Tall Fescue, Forage, Fawn
Crested Wheatgrass, Ephraim, Cert
Crested Wheatgrass, Hycrest, Cert
Crested Wheatgrass, Hycrest II, Cert
Intermediate Wheatgrass, Oahe
Intermediate Wheatgrass, Rush
Pubescent Wheatgrass, Luna
Siberian, Wheatgrass, Vavilov, Cert
Siberian Wheatgrass, Vavilov II, Cert
Tall Wheatgrass, Alkar, Cert
Timothy, VNS
Wetland Species Shrubs
Meadow Barley
Spike Bentgrass
Fowl Mannagrass
Tall Mannagrass
Western Mannagrass
Bluejoint Reedgrass
Antelope Bitterbrush
Grape, Oregon
Four-Wing Saltbush
Shadescale Saltbush
Woods Rose
Forbs and Legumes  
Biscuitroot, Fernleaf,SI
Blanketflower, Native, SI
Buckwheat, Snow
Buckwheat, Sulfur
Small Burnet, Delar, Cert
Clover, Alsike
Clover, Ladino
Clover, White Dutch
Flax, Blue, Appar, Cert
Lupine, Silky
Penstemon, Firecracker
Penstemon, Palmer
Penstemon, Rocky Mt.
Penstemon, Venustus
Prairie Coneflower, Stillwater
Sainfoin, Eski, Cert
Sainfoin, Shoshone, Cert
Sunflower, Little, SI
Sunshine, Oregon, SI
Western Yarrow, Palouse, SI
Western Yarrow, Eagle, SI