We have designed the following mixes for the Inland Northwest region.
Please click below mix name for more details and recommended seeding rates.
They are premixed and packaged in 25 lb bags.

Turf Mixes Pasture Mixes Native Mixes
Ideal Lawn Horse Pasture Inland N.W. Native
Low Grow Dryland Pasture Alternative Inland Northwest Native
  10% Dahurian Wildrye 10% Bluebunch Wheatgrass
Rough and Ready Value Pasture  
Shade Master Palouse Dryland
15% 3-way Perennial Ryegrass Blend 17% Fawn Forage Tall Fescue  
Water-Less Lawn    
Sun and Shade    
Playground Mix    
Three Way Perennial Rye
Reclamation Mixes Wildlife Mixes Pollinator Mixes
Erosion Control Wildlife Habitat Pollinator
Low Maintenance Deer Buffet Wildflower

20% Canada Bluegrass

20% Intermediate Wheatgrass
  15% Mountain Brome  
Timber Mix    
Weed Wacker #1    
Weed Wacker #2    
Cover Crop Mixes
Custom Mixes

        With a couple of days notice, we can do a custom mix to suit your needs exactly. 
Prices will vary depending on the components in the mix and the availability of species. 
Call our office for assistance in designing a custom mix for your project.