Cover Crops

Healthy soil is key to healthy crops. Cover crops will enhance the quality of your soil, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. There are lots of options for cover crops. Seek help from your local NRCS office regarding species which are a good fit in your area and specific to your crop rotation plan.

Benefits of a cover crop mix in your crop rotation plan:

  • Increases soil fertility and structure.

  • Reduces erosion.

  • Tap roots break up hardpan and
    improve water percolation.

  • Green manure enhances soil tilth
    and organic matter.


  • High quality affordable forage.

Picture from a cover crop field near Genesee, Idaho

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Annual Cover Crop Species Available:
Brassicas/ Broadleaves Cool Season Grasses Warm Season Grasses
Buckwheat Barley Foxtail/ German Millet
Canola Cereal Rye Grain Sorghum
Flax Oats Japanese Millet
Mustard Tetraploid Annual Ryegrass Pearl Millet
Turnip Triticale Proso Millet
Rapeseed Dwarf Essex   Sorghum Sudan Grass
Cool Season Legumes Warm Season Legumes  
Austrian Winter Peas Sunn Hemp  
Crimson Clover    
Spring Peas    
  Cover Crop Mixes Available:  
Over Winter Wonder  Soil Solace Forage Fancy
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